Horizont - Albania

Horizont - Albania

NGO Horizont is a non political, non governmental and non profit organization!

The president of the organization is Mr. Teodor Bilushi.

The aim of our association is to promote the Albanian society as an well worthy partner in the road of progress. On her own our association has assumed the role of a guide to assist and support the society in its road toward new democratic values.
During the years our association has been part of several projects and has organized several activities of relevant importance for the community! these activities have been of cultural as well as of social and educative nature.
Our association has collaborated with several other associations and public organizations of relevant impact on the local, national, and international level, to achieve it's goal!

NGO Horizont carries out it's activities in the Region of Gjirokastra, in the South of Albania!

Profile of Gjirokastra Region!

Gjirokastra Prefecture is located in south east of Albania and it has a central position in the southeastern Albania. The area of interest is the Drino river valley and the Hosi resource.

Region’s surface is 2880 km2. In its administrative division Gjirokastra Prefecture has 3 districts (Gjirokaster, Tepelene, Pemet), 6 municipalities  (Gjirokastra, Libohova, Permeti, Kelcyre, Tepelena and MeMalliaj), 26 Commune and 271 villages (Figures 6, 7). The south east borders mainly of Gjirokastra and Permeti district are political borders with Greece, whereas all the other border is an administrative one and it goes in the west and southwest with the district of Saranda and Delvina, in the northwest with that of Ballshi, in the North with Berat and in the northeast and east with the districts of Skrapari and Kolonja.

Gjirokastra Prefecture has a favorable geographical position. It is situated in the center of southern Albania and it is passed through by the two most important valleys of southern Albania, the valley of Upper Vjosa and the valley of Drino River. Here, in these valleys is concentrated the greatest part of Gjirokastra Prefecture population and at the same time these are the main economic and industrial parts of the region, in which are concentrated the main agricultural crops, industrial and administrative centers...

For more information regarding the Region of Gjirokastra, download the "Profile of Gjirokastra Region" file!
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